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Milestone: 5000 followers on Facebook!


Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)För ett tag sen passerade vi 5000 personer på Projekt Allmogens Facebook-sida. Fler och fler ur allmogen hittar hit, vilket är fantastiskt kul! Samtidigt har Projekt Allmogen historieskildringar bara den senaste månaden nått ut till hela 187,186 riktiga […]

A while ago we passed 5000 people on Project Allmogens Facebook page. More and more of the general public are finding their way here, which is great fun! Meanwhile, in the last month alone, Project Allmogen's storytelling has reached a whopping 187,186 real flesh-and-blood people, and that's just on Facebook. For real.

It's all thanks to all of you who "like" and share on the site. When you do, you help to stimulate interest, appreciation and understanding of our history and, by extension, our present.

I would like to think that this deed is appreciated by the many millions of our people who have lived here for countless generations before us. I think of my grandparents and the country they helped to build. All the stories my grandfather told me in my childhood and the shenanigans he got up to. All the struggles my grandmother went through as a young maid, and her patience when we grandchildren behaved like children do. Grandpa's humming of some old tune and Grandma's stewed macaroni and sausage. The life they left their mark on. The dreams they had when they were growing up. Their pursuit of happiness.

I also want to believe that the preservation of our history of freedom, the history of the commons, will be appreciated by the generations that follow when all of us alive today have left earthly life - and handed over our society to them. Hopefully it will be a society in at least as good a condition, as safe and as free, as when we inherited it from the previous generation. But I'm not so sure about that. Few in power take the long view.

But I want to thank you for following, liking, commenting and sharing things on the site or here from the blog. Here's a quote from Vilhelm Moberg about the value of history, from a speech on Swedish Flag Day in Gävle, June 6, 1944:

"...a true knowledge of the history of our people can be a source of power - though in a different sense from that which is sometimes advocated. The values of Swedish law and freedom have been spoken of as if our people had possessed them untouched throughout the ages, as if they had been given once and for all as a divine grace from above, a grace that shines on no other people than the Swedish. It is this image which is false, as anyone who has a deeper knowledge of our history than that conveyed by official textbooks knows. The truth is that these Swedish values have been conquered and defended in stubborn and bitter struggles through the centuries, in struggles against royal imperial power, in struggles against oppressive domination. Our fathers have certainly gained nothing for nothing, neither the country nor the freedom they enjoyed in the country. But they were victorious in their struggle - and is not this fact all the more strengthening and exhilarating in these times?"

The photo was taken in 1931 by Mårten Sjöbeck and shows the "Blomsholmsskeppet", Sweden's third largest ship in Skee parish, Bohuslän. Archives of the Swedish National Heritage Board.

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