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Ludvig Svensson on the strong roots of self-reliance in Sweden

History of self-determination

Who is entitled to the fruits of your labour? Ludvig Svensson wrote this week at Svenskt Näringsliv about the strong roots of self-ownership in Sweden.

The idea that individuals own both their bodies and the fruits of their labour may be an increasingly alien idea in the Sweden of forced collectivism, but it is an idea that has a very long history in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Ownership right and work rights go hand in hand, and the struggle of the Swedish working people for these rights has been depicted by several of our historians, not least Vilhelm Moberg in his My Swedish history.

The same libertarian roots are found in the beginnings of the labour movement, and are described by such champions of the labour movement as Fabian Månsson in his history works and historical novels and Alfred Kämpe in The freedom struggles of the Swedish polymaths.

Property rights for citizens are thus an old tradition in Sweden, and it is therefore very tragic that many want to see this right eroded today.

Ludvig Svensson

Read Ludvig's interesting article here

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