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Let me introduce the History Map

History map

What do you get in return for supporting Project Allmogen and becoming a member? First up is the fast-growing History Map.

History map is one of the bonus features that members can access as a small thank you for become members and thus part of this project.

On this map you will find all historical material on that is geographically related, with exact coordinates where possible. In the video above, we take a look at some of the places on the map.

It can be about historical battles, battles and rebellions, birthplaces of important Swedes, ancient castles, Viking ship sets, rune stones, legends, and more.

Right now the focus is on adding all the places and events linked to the Dacke Rebellion, such as the places Ulf Nilsson mentions in his article Nils Dacke and the Dackefejden and places from Lars-Olof Larsson's well-written book Dackeland from 1979.

Many thanks to all of you who have already become a member, it's great that so many people appreciate my work and want to join me in taking the project to greater heights. Don't forget to subscribe to the Allmogens Youtube channel while you're here!

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