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War - "mankind's constant companion and most dangerous enemy"

Battle of Poltava

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Citatet på bilden kommer från Vilhelm Mobergs “Min svenska historia berättad för folket. Från Engelbrekt till och med Dacke”. Krig och människoslakt – det är sånt som bara kan hända i andra länder, eller hur? Sverige är ju […]

The quote on the picture comes from Vilhelm Moberg's "My Swedish History Told to the People. From Engelbrekt to and including Dacke". War and human misery - that's the sort of thing that can only happen in other countries, isn't it? Sweden is the land of eternal peace, with the immortal Values™.


It takes a special kind of naivety and lack of history to believe that we in Sweden are forever immune to war and suffering because we are so kind. This kind of naivety is quite rare among ordinary people, as most people are reasonable anyway. Unfortunately, naivety seems to be increasingly common among people who seek positions of power in this country. Naivety and power are a dangerous combination.

The background image depicts the Battle of Poltava, where, incidentally, my great-grandfather's great-great-grandfather was shot twice and subsequently spent 13 years in a prison camp in Siberia. So I won't complain, it could have been worse! Even in the early 18th century, there was still a lot of shooting among Swedes, so the development in Sweden today with AK47 executions in the streets is just the continuation of a Swedish tradition that goes back further than both the Christmas tree and dancing the little frogs at Midsummer.

Painting by Pierre-Denis Martin, commissioned by Peter the Great in 1726.

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