Allmogens in the media

Here you will find links to articles, podcast episodes, etc. related to Allmogens (formerly Project Moberg).

Ludvig P Svensson, 9 August 2017: Decentralising the writing of history

Pophöger, 2 August 2017: The state that takes more than our money

Timbro, 6 June 2017: The nation is bigger than the state

Radio Bubbla, 11 June 2017: Project Allmogen new name for Project Moberg after consultation with Vilhelm Moberg's descendants

Radio Bubbla, 17 May 2017: Freedomfest 2017 completed, Project Moberg and the Safety Promotion Agency highlights of the year

Ludwig von Mises Institute, 31 December 2015: The Swedish Freedom Movement

Dalarnas tidning, 28 December 2015: Autonomous individuals who think for themselves is a long-standing ideal

Ludwig von Mises Institute, 26 November 2015: Radio Bubbla praises Project Moberg - calls it a leftist project

Radio Bubbla, 25 November 2015: The liberal history of the Swedish Ommogene to be digitised with the help of crowdfunding