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Colour your old photos in a second with DeOldify

Coloured photo
1930s: Traffic police at Gustav Adolf Square in Stockholm. Photo: Carl Gustaf Rosenberg / Riksantikvarieämbetet

I've been testing DeOldify, a free software that colours old photos and videos. It's simple, and the results are most often above expectations.

Last week in the article with old videos from Stockholm I mentioned DeOldify, a software based on deep learning that automatically colours black and white photographs and videos.

How well does it work? Sometimes you can get some strange shades, mainly on your face, but in most cases it actually turns out surprisingly well. Judge for yourself the photos below, which I ran through the programme at DeepAI:

1932: Horse market in Falköping, Västergötland. Photo: horse market in Falköping. Photo: Mårten Sjöbeck
My dear grandmother Astrid. 1950s/1960s.
1932: homeowner Carl Anders Samuelsson, born 1857, and his wife Anna Lena. Stockaryd, Småland. Photo: Einar Erici / Swedish National Heritage Board.
Vilhelm Moberg, photo probably taken in the 40-50s.
1935: Greta Persson, 66 years old, in folk costume. Wife of the homeowner Ollas Per Persson in Almo, Dalarna. Photo: Einar Erici / Swedish National Heritage Board

What seems? You can try for yourself here.

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