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Carta Marina Gotland map

The Carta Marina is one of the oldest maps of the North, and indeed the earliest reasonably accurate map, published in 1572. Now, 445 years later, this jewel of our Nordic cultural heritage has been reprinted, and now it can be yours.

Okay, to be picky, the first edition of Carta Marina already in 1539 in Venice, and the author was Olaus Magnus (1490-1557), who was the brother of Sweden's last Catholic archbishop, Johannes Magnus. He spent twelve years working on the map before it was printed, and it was intended as an illustration for Olaus Magnus' great historical work "Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus", or "History of the Nordic peoples", published in Latin in Venice in 1555.

The map you can buy here is the second edition of the map published in 1572, 33 years after the first edition, and the author was Antonio Lafreri. The map has then been coloured by hand. In the second edition, Antonio started from Olaus Magnus' original 125×170 cm and redrew all the details from scratch to make the map more suitable for smaller formats, like the map now printed by Allmogen on 70×100 cm art paper (170 gr/m).

Olaus Magnus described his map as follows in Swedish translation:

A short introduction to the new maps of the old Göta kingdom and other Nordic countries, including the strange things on land and in the water, which have never been clearly described in the whole world...

The map is priced so that even the poorer classes in the Nordic countries can afford to hang it on their walls and marvel daily at their magnificent home on earth.

Only 199 riksdaler it costs, and the surplus goes, as always, unabated to speed up Allmogen and do even more, even better, even faster.

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