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The conservative view of nature

The conservative view of nature
Photo: Hälsingland, 1957. Hilding Mickelsson / Hälsingland Museum (CC BY-NC)

Smålandsposten: Thomas Hermansson writes about the conservative principle of protecting nature.

I saw a refreshing article in Smålandsposten the other day. It is written by Thomas Hermansson (@ThomHermansson), which addresses the conservative view of nature conservation and correctly points out that the protection of nature is not an issue for environmentalists alone.

It is not only common sense that the well-being of nature is an issue that concerns us all, it is also very dangerous for anyone who defends common sense to give a monopoly on such an issue to a left-wing extremist party like the Green Party.

What then is the conservative view of nature? The essence can be described as follows:

Values, traditions and culture are passed on from one generation to the next and are worth preserving. In a similar way, nature is managed by generation after generation. [...] The love of tradition and home goes hand in hand with the love of nature.

I myself am not well read in the political theories and thinkers of conservatism, so don't ask me which conservative thinker you should read. But I can still call myself a conservative without any problem, because for me it is simply a desire to preserve what is old and beautiful, and what has traditionally proved valuable to mankind.

Values, traditions, family, home, clean water, fresh air, beautiful nature. Institutions and values that are important for people to live a meaningful, happy life in a safe, free and healthy society.

For those who have followed Allmogen for a while, I guess it won't come as a surprise that I join those who have a more conservative view of life and society. But for me it's not about preserving anything for the sake of just because it is oldbut because it is considered to have an intrinsic value - an intrinsic beauty - that future generations should also be able to enjoy and build on.

The article is refreshing precisely because it takes a longer view that looks up and actually gives some thought to our descendants who will inhabit this land. That perspective is, in my opinion, quite rare today in the corridors of power.

In the small humanitarian superpower of Sweden, where our wise and good rulers are all too busy wanting to save all of humanity, it is a radical enough thought for a Swedish citizen to want the best for their own children in this country.

When a conservative goes so far as to show concern for unborn generations of Swedes and the nature they will live in 50, 100 or 500 years from now, well, I imagine the fascism* rage is in full effect among the small, vocal group of people who put international "solidarity" and "humanity" ahead of both sense and justice (*can be replaced with any stigmatizing label like "Nazism", "racism", etc.).

But such is conservatism, and being conservative is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, I am convinced that a healthy dose of conservatism, i.e. looking beyond one's own brief moment on earth and showing concern for future generations, would do Sweden good. It would even have spared us many of the "challenges" that our not-so-conservative rulers have created for us through their total inability to responsibly and fairly manage our tax money and their legislative power.

So go in and read Thomas article - for the sake of the environment and children.

So how do you put the conservative view of nature into practice? That will be the subject of a future article here on, with suggestions firmly rooted in our history. Sign up for the newsletter below to make sure you don't miss it!

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  1. Patrik Öbrink says:

    Anyone who wants to learn more about conservative views on nature and the environment should read Roger Scruton's book Green Philosophy.

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