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A letter from a peddler

Hawaii in Småland
Arnold called his favourite spot by the lake "Småland's Hawaii".

Arnold Ingemar Hultgren was "Eksjö's own Dirty Harry". When he died of cancer in 2012, he left a letter, with thoughts written down at the age of 79. With the permission and wishes of a grandchild, this letter is published here for the first time publicly.

Some time ago I got on bubb.las members' forum take note of an old letter from a person's deceased grandfather. His grandfather's wish was for the letter to be published after his death, but it was forgotten. I am therefore delighted to be able to help make Arnold's wish come true.

But first a little more about Arnold's background, told by his great-grandson Mattias:

My grandfather was a rather simple but principled man who grew up in a large group of siblings on a farm in Östergötland. He worked on the farm throughout his childhood and continued to do so on my grandmother's parents' farm where he helped them with the farming. He served in the military for a while, but then worked in the police force for the rest of his working life. We can sum him up without a lot of details as "Eksjö's own Dirty Harry".

I have long wanted to honour my grandfather by publishing the letter somewhere. The letter is nothing special in itself, he was not a very deep man, but the only right thing is that libertarians should have access to it. I think he would have liked that.

Arnold's letters left behind

Here is the letter from Arnold Ingemar Hultgren, "Eksjö's own Dirty Harry", born on 22 July 1929:

Some loose thoughts before my departure and what might be useful afterwards.

Freedom has always been a watchword for me, and all forms of coercion and indulgence have made me see red. The best and greatest form of freedom I have experienced is when I am in nature, mainly in the forest. Early in life I began to question all religious coercion and especially the influence and power of the church over people's lives and living.

Politics, especially party politics, also seems to me to be a kind of religion with the aim of gaining power and influence and imposing views on people that deep down they may not hold.

Trade unions are not something I trust either. I see them as paternalistic organisations and their leaders as lackeys of the political establishment.

Religion, politics and unions are, in my opinion, the root of much evil in our world. War, terrorism and oppression are, in the vast majority of cases, the work of religious, political or trade union leaders who have more or less brought our world to ruin.

I have never been involved in politics. I distanced myself from trade union activities at an early age and religion - the Church - I have long questioned and strongly doubt the message the Church and other religious communities spread.

I believe in the natural evolution and emergence of all living things on our planet and in the universe as a whole. The existence of man on earth has been scientifically established at perhaps more than 70 million years.

The creation story in the Bible seems to me less plausible than the "tale of Ash and Emblah of the North"?

Humans, like all other living things, both plants and animals, are constantly changing and evolving. What will it be like in another 70 million years?

From the beginning of life to the end of life, it's really nothing more than a fight for survival. The fittest and most viable survive and develop according to nature's own laws and rules. The beginning of life is probably like a giant lottery with a chance of several million, while the end of life is absolutely certain and, as I am convinced, definitive.

Any "afterlife" seems impossible to me. Death is for me a merciful liberator and in freedom I want to rest forever in nature. So fulfill my absolute wish and will!

The county administrative board (a despicable authority) may be the one to decide whether to grant permission to spread the ashes - the dust after cremation, but as far as I can understand, it has no right of disposal over the urn with ashes, but it belongs to the estate. I do not want any application to be made for scattering, but for the urn with the ashes and dust to be handed over to one of my closest relatives who will carry out my wishes. Where, when and how are none of the authorities' business, nor do they appear to have any means of preventing or punishing anyone for this. Perhaps the funeral home is prevented from scattering the ashes?

The burial fee charged by the State - Church and which everyone must pay applies, according to what is stated in the certificate of withdrawal from the Swedish Church, burial and place in the cemetery.?

If neither burial nor place in the cemetery has been used, why should burial fees be paid? Shouldn't the State - the Church be liable for repayment? For the sake of principle, demand repayment!

What are and will be the costs of cremation? Are they possibly included in the funeral fee?

This I have written, after much thought and consideration. There is much more that might and should be worth telling, but this will suffice.

I have been blessed with a relatively long life as I have tried to live in harmony with nature.

Eksjö, 17 June 2008


This may be read, in whole or in part, or communicated by any other appropriate means to those present at the meeting and, if it may be of interest, made public.

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