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Do your duty - read a book

Photo: Einar Erici, 1930s / Swedish National Heritage Board
Photo: Einar Erici, 1930s / Swedish National Heritage Board

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)I ”dumhetens och ytlighetens tidevarv” är bildning ”din räddning från samtiden” skriver Lars Anders Johansson (@Budoarstamning) i Gefle Dagblad. En artikel väl värd att läsas. ”Livet är för kort för att fyllas med dumheter och trams. Historiens skarpaste […]

In the "age of stupidity and superficiality", education is "your salvation from the present" writes Lars Anders Johansson (@Budoarstamning) in Gefle Dagblad. An article well worth reading.

"Life is too short to be filled with nonsense and nonsense. History's sharpest minds and most exquisite artistic works are at your disposal. If you want it." - Lars Anders Johansson

Lars Anders is of course not the first to have this idea. Already some 2000 years ago, the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca the following in the text "On the brevity of life":

"Since nature enables us to enter into a partnership with every age, why not turn away from this brief and transitory period of time and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the past, which is boundless and eternal and can be shared with better men than ourselves?"

"It is said that knowledge is power", writes Lars Anders. "To prevent someone from acquiring knowledge is to keep them powerless."

Of course it is. That's why the powers that be want you to stay within the frame of reference they themselves created and assigned to you. Assigned how? Well, through the state curriculum and through the opinion-forming media outlets that are loyal to the powers that be, indeed constitute a large part of the power in Sweden today. This is how obedient subjects are created.

Should the subjects happen to acquire education and other frames of reference than those of power, they might realize how grossly they are being deceived, and get the idea that they no longer want to carry power on their shoulders.

I take my duty to protect my home and family against external and internal enemies very seriously. There is only one duty I set higher. The duty of education. Through education you get to know yourself and your times, but you also get to know the enemies of freedom and the friends of peace.

Know your history. Explore world history. Learn about geopolitics, power, economics, Austrian economy, about the rise and fall of civilizations. Explore different schools of philosophy (tips: stoicism). Learn about right and wrong, morality and ethics, good and evil, the meaning of life. Philosophise. Read poetry. Write poetry. Learn all the things you weren't taught at school. And everything you were taught at school, well what you remember anyway, forget it all and learn again without the ideologically coloured filter of the state.

Do your duty. Read a book! Why not start with one of Vilhelm Moberg's books? "Ride Tonight!", for example.

Photo: "A man reading a book." taken by Einar Eirici, 1930s / Riksantikvarieämbetet

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