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You can now order the Allmogens Almanac 2020

Many people have asked if there will be an almanac for next year. Of course there will! It is now available in the shop, Allmogens almanac 2020!

As has been said at least since the 18th century, there are two things in life we can be sure of not escaping: death and forced taxation. Another year has passed. Another year is upon us. Time waits for no one.

You are reminded of this not least when you browse through next year's edition of Allmogens Almanacka, where you can find daily reminders of memorable events and people from our Swedish and Nordic history.

Allmogens Almanacka July

The almanac also gives you the dates of all our traditional Nordic festivals and many of the our dearest folk festivals, such as the Stångaspelen on Gotland, the Hälsingehambon and the Sikfesten in Kukkola.

A number of requested improvements have been made this year, which above all make it more useful as an almanac for real people; workers, kids, fathers, mothers. The boxes are now much larger with more space for your own notes. Also the dates are larger and red days have been marked in red. The wisdom from the Bondepraktikan anno 1875 remains, of course, and can now be found above the days.

Finishing this almanac is usually something of a stress point for me at the beginning of winter, but today it was actually finished a full 4 days earlier than last year. So it's going in the right direction! My highly subjective opinion is that Allmogens Almanacka is Sweden's most ambitious and meaningful almanac, and it gets better with each passing year.

The almanac will start being sent out from the end of November, so you'll have it in your hands in time for Christmas if you want to give an almanac (or two!) as a Christmas present.

Last year it cost 299 kr + 69 kr shipping. This year the price is 349 kr, but now you also get free shipping so in the end it's 20 kr cheaper than last year. Great deal! If you buy 3 or more almanacs, you also get 10% off the whole purchase. If you buy almanacs for the whole family (8 or more), you get the whole 30% discount. As usual, senior members get 30% discount on all items in the store regardless of quantity, including the almanac.

Order your Allmogens Almanac 2020 here

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