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Interested in Moberg since high school, member of Vilhelm Moberg Society, of which about 10 years in the board, and still active in the society. Born 1950 in Växjö where I still live. Graduated from high school in 1970, then worked in a workshop for more than 20 years. Since then self-employed in travel to East Asia and Småland, see or @ulfnilssonresor on Facebook.
Nils Dacke and the Dackefejden

The Dackefejden - The greatest rebellion of all time. What injustices were at the root of the rebellion, why [...]

A writer and his view of history - Vilhelm Moberg and Nils Dacke

In Vissefjärda and Virserum there are statues commemorating Nils Dacke and the rebellion he [...]