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Living: 1867 - 1924

Place of birth: Mangskogs parish, Värmland

Nils Keyland was a Swedish folklorist born and raised in Bjurbäcken in the southern Finnish forests of Värmland. Through great financial sacrifice, Keyland succeeded in obtaining a university degree in Karlstad in 1888 and a bachelor's degree in Uppsala in 1890. Two years later he went to North America, where he stayed from 1892 to 1895, teaching at Hope Academy in Moorhead, Minnesota. In 1912 Keyland became curator of the Nordic Museum's cultural history department at Skansen. On behalf of the museum, he went on a number of collecting and study trips, mainly in Värmland, but also in our Nordic regions and Norway. At Skansen, we have Nils Keyland to thank for Finngården and Älvrosgården.
A few words about Christmas and Christmas customs

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