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Living: 1853 - 1934

Place of birth: Multrå, Ångermanland

Johan Nordlander was a schoolman, ethnologist, historian and linguist who was born in 1853 in Multrå, Ångermanland. In 1875 he graduated from Härnösand and in 1880 from Uppsala, after which he worked as a teacher in Härnösand and Stockholm. "During his studies in Härnösand, he became interested in the language, history and traditions of his home village and he began to make records in Ångermanland and Härjedalen. From this work came the basis for valuable dictionaries, the Multrå dictionary and the as yet unpublished älvros- och linsellordboken. From the 1880s, several hundred titles were published, mainly magazine and newspaper articles." - The Johan Nordlander Society
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