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Living: 1782 - 1846

Place of birth: Village parish, Värmland

Esaias Tegnér was a Swedish bard and cultural personality. He was professor of Greek at Lund University, bishop of Växjö from 1824 and a member of the Swedish Academy from 1819.

In February 1812, Tegnér joined the Götiska Verband (where he bore the name "Bodwar Bjarke"), and in its journal, Iduna, he published several poems from this period over the course of the year: "Corn Song", "The Fire" (written in 1805, revised quite extensively), "Skidbladner", "Flyttfåglarne". His greatest work, which was once compulsory reading in schools, was Frithiof's Saga.
To a youngster

Poem published in 1810 in the Journal for Literature and Theatre, to which Tegnér sent this poem [...]

The eternal

A poem about the immutability and immortality of ideas