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Living: 1857 - 1924

Place of birth: Norberg, Västmanland County

Erik Brate was a Swedish linguist and wanker. Brate graduated from Uppsala in 1876, studied ancient Germanic languages and Sanskrit at the University of Strasbourg 1882-1883, and was awarded a doctorate in philosophy in Uppsala in 1884 with a thesis Nordic loanwords in Orrmulum and in the same year became a lecturer in ancient Germanic languages.

After holding the chair of Swedish language 1885-1887, he was appointed lecturer in the mother tongue and German language at the Södermalm higher public school in Stockholm in 1887, where he remained until 1922. In the same year he published Äldre Vestmannalagens ljudlära. In 1904 he became a member of the Academy of Literature, History and Antiquities.

In 1913, Erik Brates published a translation of the older Edda, also known as Sämund's Edda.

Brate was one of Sweden's most prolific runologists. His other writings include Runverser together with Sophus Bugge 1887-91, Fyrungastenen (1898), Östergötlands runinskrifter (1918), Södermanlands runinskrifter (1924), and Svenska runristare (posthumously published 1925). His documentation work also resulted in the manuscript of a general encyclopaedia of Swedish runic inscriptions.

Nordic linguistics had in Erik Brate one of its most devoted cultivators, and the arduous and time-consuming school work was not enough to quench his scientific enthusiasm. He was a generous man, unselfish as few and a faithful friend in all walks of life." - E. Hellquist, Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon

The poetic Edda, containing the Nordic songs of the gods and heroes. Also called the Elder Edda and [...]