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Allmogens master and founder. Aspiring small farmer, forester and mortgage slave on a small farm in Ångermanland. With a heart for family, freedom and fresh air.
When Leif Eriksson discovered America

Today, October 9, is Leif Eriksson Day, a day of remarkable celebration that is [...]

Vilhelm Moberg on our history as a source of strength

They say the winner makes history. But it's also true that history can make the winner. [...]

New website, new plans, new chapter

Welcome to Allmogens's new home on the web. After 4 years it was time for a [...]

School class in Hälsingland solved the rune riddle - receives medal

Until the end of the 19th century, runic writing was used in popular contexts in Hassela parish, Hälsingland. [...]

New findings: Stone Age Europeans also fed their babies with "feeding bottles"

A research team at the University of Bristol has found the first evidence that ancient babies [...]

Filleting and boning pike - how to do it

Drying was a common method of harvesting pike and other fish in the [...]

Traces of our ancestors

You can see them everywhere, the traces of our ancestors. Some traces more visible than others, like [...]

Allmogens historical chores in September

"September, the month of autumn, has 30 days. The day is 12 hours and 40 minutes long. And the sun [...]

20 of Sweden's beloved folk festivals from north to south

We all know Midsummer, Lucia and Christmas Eve as some of our most cherished folk festivals, with [...]

After the firewood stove uprising: the state is now backing down on the firewood stove ban

In 2018, after the birth of Christ, the Wood Stove Rebellion broke out in the Kingdom of Sweden. Unlike the Ommogens [...]