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Living: 1888 - 1920

Place of birth: Skattlösberg, Grangärde parish, Dalarna

Dan Andersson began working in the forest at the age of 12 as a helper, coalman and raftsman, and later became a writer, poet and composer. He made his debut in 1914 with a collection of short stories Cool stories about the everyday life of a group of coal miners during a winter.

Dan Andersson grew up in the Finnish countryside in southern Dalarna, and his home region has had a great influence on his writing. He is regarded as a pioneer of Swedish working-class literature.

Dan Andersson's poems were among the first to Project Runeberg published online.

After spending a night in a hotel room that had been treated for vermin and then not aired, Dan Andersson is snatched away, aged just 32.

"As he was in his works, so he was as a man. I think he made an unusually strong impression on everyone with whom he came into contact. It was a joy to know that this man existed, that he suffered and sought and struggled. His life increased the sum of the humanly great and noble" - Ragnar Jändel on his friend Dan Andersson
I've been dreaming...

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads, published in 1917.

The hunter's lullaby

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads (1917), published three years before his [...]

To the pain

From Dan Andersson's surviving poems in the collection Visor och ballader


From the poetry collection Kolvaktarens visor from 1915

Weekend evening in the log cabin

From the poetry collection Kolvaktarens visor (1915)

Show at the coal guard

Mårdberget 14 December 1913.

About the beggar from Luossa

From the poetry collection Visor och ballader (1921)

The old

From the poetry collection The Colonist's Visions (1915).

The geese move

From the collection of poems Kolvaktarens visor

A young father speaks

From the poetry collection Efterlämnade dikter