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How about hanging a 228 year old map on the wall? In Allmogens's very first giveaway, you can win a unique, 228-year-old map of southern Sweden.

This copy, which you can win, was printed in 1792, the same year that the "theatre king" Gustav III was assassinated at a masquerade ball at the Stockholm Opera House. From Gävle in the north down to Skåne in the south, the map shows the old road network as it looked at the end of the 18th century. The map, which is mounted on a textile canvas, was purchased by Allmogens at auction at Auktionshuset Kolonn in Sundbyberg. Two more winners will also win a reprint of the map.

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The background music in the video is provided by the musician Erik Svansbo and is a Slängpolska after Byss-Kalle, Älvkarleby. Follow Erik on YouTube for more folk music!

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