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Allmogen launches membership - seeks 1000 true friends

Peace, freedom and justice

Now everyone who appreciates Project Allmogen can finally join me in helping to run and improve this educational project by becoming a member.

The vision is to be able to produce a video series about our history of freedom and our Nordic culture, with a new episode every week, which will be freely released on Youtube, Facebook and other video platforms.

This video series represents my personal desire to return to the roots of what interests me most - history, politics, culture and the big questions in life - where I can create thoughtful videos that both entertain and inform.

There is so much bickering and lying in politics, even today, but in this video series we will try to cut through all that and actually strive for knowledge and understanding. Understanding not only of the past but also of the present we all share.

Membership is what will drive that vision, and without that support, it will not become a reality. The combined support of many members of just a penny a day makes a huge difference, and will help to awaken a new appreciation and curiosity for history and the work of past generations.

Membership will also be crucial in taking this project from being a small hobby to becoming an institution to be reckoned with, which can work even harder for the motto:

Peace, freedom and justice - for all time

If you're sceptical and want to wait until the first video is released, that's of course perfectly understandable. But to those of you who are giving your support now, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your trust and support. Let's stand up for truth, education and free thought. Together.

/ Daniel

P.S. Read more and find out if you are one of the 1000 true friends of the omnipotent, here.

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If you appreciate Allmogens independent work to portray our fine Swedish history and Nordic culture, you are welcome to buy something nice in the shop or support us with a voluntary donation. Thank you in advance!

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