Affiliate Program

Collaborate with Allmogens!

Do you want to increase your revenue through your digital channels while supporting Swedish cultural heritage? If so, I would like to invite you to collaborate with Allmogens. Both companies and associations are welcome to apply.

Together with our partner Tradedoubler, we have developed an affiliate programme that allows publishers to support our sales of historical print in exchange for competitive commissions of 20% of order value.

As usual, 3% of the sale price of all historical prints also goes to Culture bonus, our initiative that supports voluntary work to preserve our Swedish cultural heritage sites.

We look forward to working with you!

// Daniel Sjöberg, Allmogens founder

Old map of Stockholm

How it works

  1. Register now: First you need to register a Tradedoubler publisher account.
  2. Apply: Once the account is ready, you apply to Tradedoubler to join the Allmogens affiliate programme.
  3. Sell: Now you can start driving your visitors to the Allmogens store through your digital channels, and encourage them to buy. You can find our banners and your unique link in Tradedoubler.
  4. Get paid: Once you have sold at least 500 SEK, you will shortly receive the first payment to your account.

Growing range

In 2021 we will greatly expand our range, in addition to the very popular motifs we sell today

Generous commission

With 20% commission on order value and no costs to you, it can be a profitable business from day 1.

For a good cause

Even sales that you operate qualify for Culture bonus, where 3% goes to support Swedish cultural heritage work.

Become an affiliate
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