About Project Allmogen

Allmogen is an independent, libertarian educational project that has the goal of making the history and cultural heritage of the swedish common people come alive again. Our focus is not the history of kings or the violent state, but the people – the struggle of ”average joe” and their pursuit of happiness and liberty throughout the centuries. The history of the people is the true history of liberty, property rights and human dignity.

It’s this history that many of our most beloved swedish authors spent many years of their lives to write down during the 1800’s and 1900’s. Men like Anders Fryxell, August Strindberg, Fabian Månsson and Vilhelm Moberg wrote it down because they thought it was worth preserving for future generations. We think so too.


It all started in 2015 as a digitization project where I scanned and turned old books about nordic history and culture into free ebooks, such as De svenske ommogenes kamp for frihed (The swedish people’s fight for liberty), Den Poetiske Edda (the poetic Edda) and Den svenske landmand og hans gård (The swedish farmer and his homesteads) – all of which have been released for free in digital format. Since 2015 the work has been expanded to old poems, articles and speeches.

You can also check out our Youtube-channel or listen to the podcast. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you’ll find old photos showing the history and cultural diversity of the swedish people.

Svenska allmogens frihetsstrider av Alfred Kämpe

The first book digitized by Project Allmogen.


History matters

Our nordic history is not only exciting, it’s also a bottomless well of wisdom and knowledge – from the old norse Sagas and nordic mythology to our newer history from the middle ages and onwards. By getting to know our history we get to know ourselves and our time.

History is often abused by the state

People in power have in all times had a tendency to rewrite history to reflect their own ideological worldview and to cement their power. It’s like British writer George Orwell wrote in his dystopic novel 1984:

”Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

It’s not any different today in Sweden, where the swedish establishment constantly distort and falsify history. They do this to legitimize the building of their multicultural state, or ”humanitarian superpower” as they like to call it, made possible only by enormous state subsidies where the native swedish population is forced to foot the bill against their will.

During the 19th and 20th centuries the history that was taught in swedish schools was strongly nationalistic. Today on the other hand the swedish state and all its institutions are steeped in postmodern, neomarxist ideology. State representatives go so far as denying that a swedish culture even exist.

Here are a few examples:

  • There is no native swedish culture (Ingrid Lomfors, head of staterun institution Forum för levande historia / Forum for living history)
  • The native swedish culture is barbarism (Fredrik Reinfeldt, prime minister 2006-2014)
  • It wasn’t the native swedes that built Sweden, but immigrants (Maud Olofsson, former partyleader of Centerpartiet 2000-2011 and Minister for Enterprise and Energy 2006-2011)
  • Swedish traditions such as midsummer and christmas are ”boring”, the cultures of immigrants are much more exciting (Mona Sahlin, former party leader of the Socialdemocrats 2007-2011 and vice prime minister
  • White men, i.e. native swedish men, are even to blame for wildfires(!)
  • …and so on

On March 2 2017 writer Piero Simeone Colla put forth a thesis about swedish school politics commented by Svenska Dagbladet by Inger Enqvist, professor of litterature at Lunds university and specialized on educational matters. The conclusion of Colla’s thesis is that the history subject has been ”exterminated” or ”amputated” and that the swedish people have been deprived of their history, we’ve been disinherited. The history subject is assigned so few hours that the students don’t develop a sense of chronology.

Allmogen is doing our best to counter that, and to preserve knowledge about our history and culture for future generations.

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